Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our First Concert

Back on November 7th Shaun and I head up to Ogden to see the Hush Sound, Spill Canvas, Augustana, and OneRepublic is concert. It was the first concert that we had been to together and it was a lot of fun. We didn't end up getting to see Augustana perform because the lead singer had fallen off the stage at a concert a week or so before the concert we went to and had hurt himself pretty badly. I was sad because I was REALLY looking forward to seeing them in concert, but in the end it was okay. The concert was A LOT of fun!! Shaun even bought me a cute Hush Sound (the reason he wanted to go to the concert) shirt and hoodie. Here are some pictures:
Shaun and I waiting between groups

The Hush Sound
(They are really good. If you haven't heard of them you should check them out)

The Spill Canvas
(I had not heard of them until I was checking out info on the concert, but they were also good)

(They were AWESOME!! They have an amazing cello player. I loved listening to him play!)

Our calling

Well Shaun and I have been living in Riverton for just under a month now and are REALLY liking it! It is really nice to feel loved and accepted so quickly in a new ward. Last week we had an appointment with the Bishopric so they could get to know us and the first thing the Bishop said was "we have a calling for you." Then after a moments pause he said "well maybe we should get to know you a little bit before we dive into that."

Shaun and I will be jointly teach the Valiant 10A (not that the A part matters to you... There is just 2 Valiant 10's in our ward) in our ward primary. This will be my first "big" calling and I am really excited to get to know the primary kids. It will be nice to actually feel like we are a part of a ward, as I did in the last ward we were in.

Shaun and I don't have to teach until the new year, but next week they want us to go check out Primary and see how things are done.

I am excited to be able to teach these kids and get to know them and their parents better.

Monday, November 24, 2008

We are all moved :)

Well for the most part :) We still have a small load of stuff to move from where we were renting in Holladay, but most of our stuff is in the new place and it is REALLY nice! It is so much better than where we were before.

I will have to post pictures of the new place when things get a little better looking inside :)

Oh yeah... We moved to Riverton. I just remembered that I haven't posted anything on here about it before now.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elections '08

Some of you may know and some of you may not know that Shaun was running for office this year. He was running for State Representative of District #36 as a libertarian. He didn't do any campaigning (we get engage shortly after getting nominated to be the candidate) and didn't win, but he did end up with 202 votes (1.37% of the total votes). I am really proud of him for at least trying and will support him in his future political involvement.

We did end up going to a couple parties downtown on election night. Dylan (another libertarian that was run) was holding a party at Lumpy's downtown, so we made an appearance there. (Just an FYI they have some REALLY good nachos and their pastrami and Swiss is REALLY good too!!) After our appearance there we headed to "the party party" aka the Democrat's party. That was completely insane. There were so many people there and there was so much screaming (we got there after it had been announced that Obama had become our president... yeah...). It was definitely not something I have ever experienced before. I did get to meet a few more of Shaun's friends which was kind of fun.

That was pretty much our day... oh and yes we did go vote and no we didn't vote for Obama.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin Pictures!

We really didn't have the correct tools that we needed to carve the pumkins, so we used steak knives, white plastic spoons and the stopper thing in the sink...

This is Shaun "Pumpkin Pi" 2008 version

"Pumpkin Pi" all lit up

My "First Halloween Pumpkin"

"First Halloween" all lit up

Curving pumpkins together was a lot of fun! Even if they didn't turn out (well at least mine) that great! It was time we got to spend together and that is what matters!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Date!

Yesterday Shaun and I went on a date and it was TONS of fun! I really do love spending time with him and haven't been able to do much of it the last couple of weeks because he has been working a lot of extra hours, but he was able to come home early so that we could spend some time together.

At first we didn't know what we wanted to do, so we just started driving and we ended up downtown, where I saw a sign for the Body World 3 exhibit, that we both have wanted to see but hadn't got around to getting tickets for, and so I suggested that we go see if by chance they had any tickets available. I wasn't sure that they were going to have any, because they suggested that you get them in advance, but we were able to get tickets and walk right in to the exhibit.

The exhibit was really cool and it was nice that there wasn't a lot of people there. It is so much different seeing the different body parts close up versus looking at them in a book or even on a cadaver. They have a part of the exhibit that is the growth process of a fetus. I thought this was amazing, just because you could actually see how the baby grows and develops in the womb and what they look like at different weeks. At nine weeks they really do have finger and toe. The growth that occurs between week 9 and 18 was amazing to me too! Okay I will stop talking about it now! It was just really cool to see it! It is so much different than looking in a text book! I would DEFINITELY recommend going to Body World 3 if you can go. It is here in SLC until January.

After we were done at the exhibit we went to dinner at Stone Ground and had really yummy food. I really like the atmosphere of the restraunt.

We were trying to avoid having to pass out candy to kids, but decided it was time to go home. So we stopped at the store to get some candy and ended up buying pumpkins to carve. Shaun carved pumpkin pi and mine was a face and then I want it to say 1st Halloween, but we didn't have the correct carving tools so it was hard to write the words. So needless to say it just ended up saying first. I will have to post pictures of the pumpkins when I am at home.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We are waiting...

To buy a house. We haven't felt really good about going through with things, so we decided this last weekend that we would wait. We want to pay off the little debt that we have and then save some more. So we will see what happens with the housing market in the near future and decide what to do.

For now we are going to try and find a new place to live that has a kitchen :)Hopefully we can move by the end of the month!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Condo Update

I just thought I would write a quick update on what is going on with the buy process.

~America First can't approve us for a loan because of Shaun current 1099 status. So we are trying a mortgage company that one of the guys from his old singles ward works for. We just signed all the papers tonight and he is going to send them over tomorrow, so hopefully we will hear back soon.

~We had the condo inspected and there are just a few small things that need to be worked on, but nothing too major.

~The lady who we are buying the condo from is going through bankruptcy so everything has to get approved by the courts. We were told that it take 3 weeks to get a court date. Shaun was just told today (well yesterday... I'm at work so it is still today for me...) that her court date isn't until November 5th and so closing on the house won't happen until November 10th...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our weekend trip to Seattle

Kim, Shaun and I went to Seattle this last weekend for Carolyn's wedding. We flew out Friday afternoon with out any problems and arrived in Seattle around 3 PM. We got our rental car and then headed to check in at our hotel. Tom and Chelsea want to have dinner with us so we drove to downtown Seattle and took the ferry over to Bremerton, where we got a little tour of where Tom works (well he should us were he works and then took us to see 3 ships that were currently being worked on) and then we ate at the Boat Shed. It was really good!!!! I had some super yummy pasta and Shaun had a good burger. By the time we were done with dinner we need to head back over to the ferry, so that we could make sure we got on the 9 PM ferry, otherwise we would have had to wait until 11:40 PM to get the next one.

Saturday Shaun and I hung out at the hotel and got some breakfast at Denny's while everyone else was at the temple. Then we had the wedding luncheon at Brier Pizza and Family restaurant. We got to met the Jake Monster. He is so cute!! and I finally got to meet Carolyn and Christine, which was nice. After the luncheon we had sometime so we went back to the hotel and took a nap :) It was nice being able to just relax. Then the rest of the evening we spend at the Kempe's for the reception. Everything we really simple, but it was very nice.

Sunday Shaun and I were going to go down to Pike's market and look around, but it never happened. I was trying to get our suitcase packed and all of the sudden my back popped and I could move. I was literally just standing there when it popped. I think I totally freaked Shaun out, but he was really cute (and is still being really cute about it) and had me lazy down on the bed. About the time Kim called us to see what our plans for the morning were and so Shaun told him what had happened and that he would be over to his room in a few to talk to him. Shaun asked that his dad give me a blessing, so they called Wally (uncle) and he come over to our room and gave me a blessing. I spent the next 2 hours in bed, pretty much unable to move. I was advantually able to get up and get ready and we did make it home. Shaun just had to wheel me through both airports in a wheelchair. I was TOTALLY embarrassed... but I can't walk very fast or very far. By the time we landed here in SLC, I was in a lot of pain so Shaun took me to the ER to get check out. We were able to get right in and were actually out of the ER within 90 minutes. The ER doc thought what happened is my disc's shifted and the muscles in my back didn't like it (or something like that). So he gave me some Tordol and Morphine and sent me home with a prescribtion for Norflex (a muscle relaxer) and physical therapy. The drugs I got in the ER kicked in on our way to the pharmacy and I was having a hard time staying awake. I did get a good nights sleep and then spent pretty much all of the next day asleep (I called in sick).

My back isn't one hundred percent better, but it feels much better than when it first happened. Hopefully everything will get better soon!

Monday, September 29, 2008

We are under contract

Shaun and I placed an offer on a condo in West Valley and the offer was accepted. The only problem is that we have to wait for bankruptcy court to okay it (the lady who we are buy from in is going through bankruptcy right now...). We should know in the next couple weeks if it is okay or not and then we can proceed with everything. I know in the last post we were looking for a house in the Murray/Taylorsville area, but we ended up with a condo in West Valley. After going and looking at some house we decided that what we were wanting to spend on a house wouldn't buy us something that didn't require a lot of work and we also decided that we don't want to be married to our house, so for now we are going with something smaller (well it's really not smaller... It is 2300 square feet) and something that is not going to cost as much. You can go to to find out more info on it and to see pictures!! Another benefit of the location of this condo is it is 5 minutes from Shaun work!!!

EDIT: So it looks like Utah Real Estate took our condo off of their listing... So you can go to then buy. Then on the search tab search by MLS # and type in 830298

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are going to...

start looking for a house!!! We have been talking about it and have decided that we want to get into a house. We went to the credit union yesterday just to see what we could qualify for and after talking with them we decided that it definitely is something that we can afford to do!!

We are going to look in the Murray/Taylorsville area. For what we have seen listed online there are some houses that we are definitely interested in. Shaun has a friend who is a realtor and so we are going to work with him and see what he can find us!

Hopefully we can find something before the end of the year!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Shaun & I went up to Bear Lake to go sailing. We headed up there friday and were going to go to Swiss Days on our way up, but we didn't end up leaving town in time so we didn't make it. Oh well, hopefully we can make it next year.

On the way up there there were only a few issues. When we got to Kimball Junction the traffic was REALLY backed up so we got off there & grabbed some dinner & then took the frontage road. The other problem we incountered was when we were almost to Bear Lake. A motorcyclist had hit a cow that had got out. The accident had to of happened right before we got there, because we passed the accident & we then passed by the police & then an ambulance. It was pretty crazy.

Saturday morning we got up & had some breakfast & then prepared the sailboat for my first sail. On Labor Day every year the Utah Sailing Association (the sailing club that Shaun is a member of) has an unofficial race. The race is from Rendezvous Beach to Le Beau's (where we ate) & then back again. It was my first sail & I wasn't really sure what to expect, but overall it was enjoyable. Going to Le Beau's was smooth sailing, but on the way back not so much. Well at least it wasn't for me. The wind had picked up tremedously & so we traveled much faster & the waves were much bigger. I didn't enjoy that so much. In fact I pretty much freaked out the whole way back. Shaun was nice though & we took longer to get back. I think it would have been better if I had already adjusted to the boat. Hopefully I will get better.

That night we had a dinner with the other members of the club & they had a horseshoe tournament. It was pretty fun.

Sunday we packed up & then headed home. On the way home we passed the dead cow for the accident we saw on friday & could have lost the boat. The tie downs came lost & the boat started to slide, but Shaun noticed the lose ties & we pulled over, before it was too late.

That night we went to my grandma's house for cake & ice cream. So overall the weekend was a LOT of fun!

This is Shaun & I after the race. We got a little sun...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our trip to Ogden on Frontrunner

On Saturday Shaun and I spent the day together up in Ogden to visit the museum at the Ogden Union Station. We decided that we wanted to ride Frontrunner up there, just to see what it was like.

This is Shaun on the way up to Ogden

This is me on the way up to Ogden

I tried taking a picture of Shaun & I, but it didn't really work...

That smudge near the pole is this picture is where I hit my head on the window when Shaun said "Look the front the train."

Shaun posing on the handcart at the Utah State Rail Museum

Me on the handcart at the train museum

Shaun on one of the trains out in the Eccles rail center

The museums were a lot of fun to visit. There was a lot of cool things to look at. After we got done at the museum, Shaun decided that he wanted to go explore downtown Odgen. We ended up doing a lot of walk, but it was fun!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've made a decision!

I have decided that I am going to make this blog about Shaun and I. My other blog has been all about me and everything that has gone on in my life, but there is a new part of my life now and I want to be able to share with you those moments that Shaun and I share together. I will start posting tomorrow about our adventure in Ogden, but for now I am going to try and get some sleep :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

First Entry

So I am going to use this blog for something... I just haven't quite figured out what that is going to be. I have my blog on livejournal, but I want this one to be different... I'll let you know when I decided. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them :)