Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Date!

Yesterday Shaun and I went on a date and it was TONS of fun! I really do love spending time with him and haven't been able to do much of it the last couple of weeks because he has been working a lot of extra hours, but he was able to come home early so that we could spend some time together.

At first we didn't know what we wanted to do, so we just started driving and we ended up downtown, where I saw a sign for the Body World 3 exhibit, that we both have wanted to see but hadn't got around to getting tickets for, and so I suggested that we go see if by chance they had any tickets available. I wasn't sure that they were going to have any, because they suggested that you get them in advance, but we were able to get tickets and walk right in to the exhibit.

The exhibit was really cool and it was nice that there wasn't a lot of people there. It is so much different seeing the different body parts close up versus looking at them in a book or even on a cadaver. They have a part of the exhibit that is the growth process of a fetus. I thought this was amazing, just because you could actually see how the baby grows and develops in the womb and what they look like at different weeks. At nine weeks they really do have finger and toe. The growth that occurs between week 9 and 18 was amazing to me too! Okay I will stop talking about it now! It was just really cool to see it! It is so much different than looking in a text book! I would DEFINITELY recommend going to Body World 3 if you can go. It is here in SLC until January.

After we were done at the exhibit we went to dinner at Stone Ground and had really yummy food. I really like the atmosphere of the restraunt.

We were trying to avoid having to pass out candy to kids, but decided it was time to go home. So we stopped at the store to get some candy and ended up buying pumpkins to carve. Shaun carved pumpkin pi and mine was a face and then I want it to say 1st Halloween, but we didn't have the correct carving tools so it was hard to write the words. So needless to say it just ended up saying first. I will have to post pictures of the pumpkins when I am at home.

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