Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our First Demolition Derby

Last Saturday Shaun and I went to our first demolition derby with our friends Christie and Matt. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning. It was kind of slow the first two rounds, but once we got to the third and fourth round it was AWESOME!! We had seats on the second row and a lot of the action seemed to happen on our end of the arena, so needless to see we got sprayed with mud and different fluids from the cars. The wind definitely didn't help with this. Shaun has an awesome idea for the next time we go to one... Plexiglass! I think it is a GREAT idea.

Here are some pictures: 

Shaun & I (I finally took a good picture!!!)
Christie & Matt
Monster Truck
I got hit with mud...
Demolition Derby!!!

Chalk Arts Festival 2012

Can I just say I LOVE going to the Chalk Art Festival every year! This was the third year that Shaun and I have gone to it and I get so excited every time. I am always amazing at the talent of those doing the artwork. I kind of think it would be fun to do one of the pictures... Anyone else interested?

Check out the Chalk Art Festivals website for past years pictures and sometime soon this years :)

This video is a time lapse of one of the artists. It is pretty cool!

Here are some of the pictures.

I'm an LMT!!

I can officially say that I am done with school! I passed all of the classes I needed to my last term of school and I passed the comprehensive final that everyone is required to pass at MCU. So as of June 1st I am officially a graduate of Myotherapy College of Utah!! I am SO excited to be done.

It has been a life changing year for me. I feel that I have changed so much! I am definitely not the same person I was went I started school on May 31, 2011. This past year I have learned a lot about  myself and developed more confidence in myself. I have finally found something that I truly love and can't wait to spend the rest of my life doing this!

I am so grateful for the awesome teachers I had, for the support I had from family and friends, but most importantly I am grateful for my AMAZING husband who supported my financially with school, who was always willing to be my guinea pig when I needed someone (even if he didn't enjoy it) and who was just there for me whenever I needed it.

Graduation itself was a fun night. I was able to see classmates I hadn't seen in a while (the last three terms all graduated the same night) and I was able to finally celebrate something I have wanted for the last couple years. I was surprised during graduation because I received special recognition for my outstanding clinic performance! That made me feel really good and validates to me that I have made the right decision!

On June 13th I took the MBLex. I was so nervous going into the test and during the test, but apparently I didn't need to be nervous at all, because I PASSED!!! In order to pass you had to receive a 630 or better and I got a 761!!! That made me feel great! Since I had passed I wanted to get all my paperwork submitted that day so I could get my license as soon as possible. So I headed downtown to DOPL and submitted my paperwork and paid my $100. They told me that it could take up to four weeks for it all to get processed, but I looked on DOPL's website on the 17th and it showed that as of June 15th I was officially a LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST!! I am SO excited! Now I just need to find office space and clients!!

Some of my graduation class (not everyone attended)
My Buddy, Tony, and I
My favorite teacher, Meade, and I
Not from Graduation, but for the last offsite I did. Me, Tony, Jenny and Celise