Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm an LMT!!

I can officially say that I am done with school! I passed all of the classes I needed to my last term of school and I passed the comprehensive final that everyone is required to pass at MCU. So as of June 1st I am officially a graduate of Myotherapy College of Utah!! I am SO excited to be done.

It has been a life changing year for me. I feel that I have changed so much! I am definitely not the same person I was went I started school on May 31, 2011. This past year I have learned a lot about  myself and developed more confidence in myself. I have finally found something that I truly love and can't wait to spend the rest of my life doing this!

I am so grateful for the awesome teachers I had, for the support I had from family and friends, but most importantly I am grateful for my AMAZING husband who supported my financially with school, who was always willing to be my guinea pig when I needed someone (even if he didn't enjoy it) and who was just there for me whenever I needed it.

Graduation itself was a fun night. I was able to see classmates I hadn't seen in a while (the last three terms all graduated the same night) and I was able to finally celebrate something I have wanted for the last couple years. I was surprised during graduation because I received special recognition for my outstanding clinic performance! That made me feel really good and validates to me that I have made the right decision!

On June 13th I took the MBLex. I was so nervous going into the test and during the test, but apparently I didn't need to be nervous at all, because I PASSED!!! In order to pass you had to receive a 630 or better and I got a 761!!! That made me feel great! Since I had passed I wanted to get all my paperwork submitted that day so I could get my license as soon as possible. So I headed downtown to DOPL and submitted my paperwork and paid my $100. They told me that it could take up to four weeks for it all to get processed, but I looked on DOPL's website on the 17th and it showed that as of June 15th I was officially a LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST!! I am SO excited! Now I just need to find office space and clients!!

Some of my graduation class (not everyone attended)
My Buddy, Tony, and I
My favorite teacher, Meade, and I
Not from Graduation, but for the last offsite I did. Me, Tony, Jenny and Celise

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Chelsea said...

Very exciting! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!