Friday, January 23, 2009

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve Shaun and I decided to have a fondue party at our place. Not a lot of people came, but the few that did we had fun with. My friend Christie and her husband Matt came and stayed the whole time and Shaun's friend Bob showed up and stayed for a little bit, but then headed to his cousins house for another party. We did have one of Shaun's coworkers, Doug, and his kids show up around 11:30 as well.

After eating the yummy fondue that Shaun made we played started to watch a movie that I wasn't so into and instead decided that we should play Rockband. It was a MUCH better idea. It was a lot of fun!!!

To ring in the new year we lite off some fireworks and just made a lot of noise. It was a good time!

Shaun playing the drums in Rockband

Our last picture of 2008 (and I'm sad because it is a little blurry)

Us celebrating the New Year!!


I know that it is now almost the end of January and that I should have posted this a long time ago, but yeah... I never got around to it, so here you go.

We will start off with our Christmas decorations:

These are the little trees I had by the fireplace.

Our stocking said "Dear Santa I've been..." and you could move they candy cane/present to the correct pocket. Shaun picked them out! (Yes I do like them =) )

This is the Willow Tree Nativity set that I have wanted for a REALLY long time now and finally got! It is SO pretty!

And lastly we have our Christmas tree with our village and train (Polar Express Train...)

So as all of you know, this was our first Christmas together. It was a lot of fun. Christmas Eve we went to my grandpa's house for our yearly Christmas eve party. We had dinner and then sat around and talk. I had hide Shaun's big present at my parents house and so that brought it to me and I couldn't wait to let Shaun open it , so he got to open it up there. I bought him a Ruger 10/22. He seemed to really like it.

That night we also went to Shaun's parents house where we spent the night. It was a lot of fun. We had munchies, put together a puzzle and watched movies.

Christmas day we woke up around 9 so that we could do web cam with Byron (Shaun's brother) and his family. That was fun. The kids were really cute and showed us all of their presents. We then had breakfast, opened presents, and finished up the puzzle before we headed home.

Once we got home we opened up the presents that we had bought for each other. Shaun bought me a Cricut Expressions machine, the design studio software and the Jukebox. I am VERY excited to start using it. In addition to the gun I bought him 2 shirts from and their Despair calendar.

Christmas night my parents come down to our house we Huge and Peanut (my little "brothers" aka their dogs) and we opened presents and then had dinner. We made breakfast foods.

I had warned my parents before coming down that they should either bring the truck or park on the street. My dad thought they would be okay, but it turns out when they went to leave that they had got stuck in the snow. Shaun helped get them out, but in the end they ended up with a flat tire from spinning them so much in the snow.

Anyhow... That was our Christmas! It was a lot of fun and I look forward to a lifetime more!

Oh I forgot.. I have some more pictures from Christmas...

Santa apparently had too much to drink... We found him like this when we got to my grandpa's house =)

Shaun and I Christmas night in our Christmas shirts

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Primary is...

Pretty good for the most part. We have 7 kids in our class, 2 of which showed up for the first time this Sunday. Most of them are REALLY great kids. They are quiet and only talk when they are called on or when we are all just talking. There is, however, a few that are not so easy to handle. There is only one of our kids, we shall call him "P" that completely drives me crazy. He is very disruptive and he doesn't like to listen. Last week he told me that the lesson was boring. I, in return told him that I would go make a copy of the lesson so that he could do the lesson this week. He didn't like that idea so much. Then during sharing time he, for some unknown reason, stuck his head through the back of his chair. This week he kept hitting his head on the wall. He also loves finishing scriptures for other kids when he thinks they are reading too slowly and he loves telling us totally off the subject things. Needless to say it's lots of fun... or something like that.

Shaun is actually handling our class much better then me. He hasn't once freaked out on the class like me and he hasn't gotten after our hard kid. He has been a great example to me. I actually did a lot better this week. I just tried pretend that "P" wasn't there, doing the things that annoy me that most.

I hope that as the year goes on that things will get a lot better and that I will learn to be more patient. I am pretty sure that is why we have received this calling.

Anyhow.. there is a little update into our lives. I will try and be better about updating this more often. I still need to post about Christmas and New Years. I will try doing that this week. I just started school again, so we will see how things go. =)