Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Third Annual Pumpkin Carvnival

We once again had our annual Halloween party and it was pretty fun. We didn't have a huge turn out again this year, but that is okay because we still were able to enjoy the yummy food and have a great time with our friends. The three of us even dressed up this year! I was a good witch, Shaun was a scientist and Zoey was a postal worker.

Here are some pics:
Me carving my pumpkin
Christie, Evan (left) Stephanie and I (right) working on our pumpkins
Matt working on his pumpkin
Stephanie and Evan's pumpkins
Matt and Christie's finished products
The back of Christie's pumpkin
My finished product!
Group shoot!
Shaun, Zoey & I in our Halloween costumes
Matt & Christie in their Halloween costumes


Shaun and I were able to take a quick trip up to Seattle to visit Tom, Chelsea and Jake. It was a lot of fun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seattle (to visit that is :) ) and so anytime we get to go is awesome. We flew up on Friday the 14th of October (the day after I ended my second term of school.. Another 4.0!!) and spent sometime exploring Downtown Seattle and then took the ferry over to Bremerton where we met up with Tom, Chelsea, Kim and Michelle (they were up in Seattle because Michelle had a class she was taking) and had a yummy dinner at Anthony's. We spent the rest of the evening hanging watching Big Bang Theory (we LOVE this show now! Thanks Tom and Chelsea!)

The next day we headed to Point No Point to check out the lighthouse there and then we headed to do some shopping. We hit up Central Market (it is a pretty cool supermarket with tons of different ethic foods and an awesome bulk section) and a few other store to get things for a BBQ we had that night.

Sunday we went to church and then Tom, Jake, Kim, Shaun and I went exploring at on of the local parks in Port Orchard. It was TONS of fun. It felt like there we had left the city and had headed to the mountains. It was AWESOME! I would love to have parks like that around here.

Then Monday we headed home so I could start my third term of school! It really was a fun trip. I can't wait until we go again!

Picture time:
Shaun and Jake cuddling
Jake was excited to be in the car going somewhere
The Point No Point Lighthouse
Us At Point No Point
Us in front of the lighthouse

Group Shoot in Front of the Point No Point Lighthouse
Shaun, Tom, Kim and Jake at the park
Tom & Jake in front of a giant tree that had fallen over
Us in front of the same fallen tree

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rachel & Tod's Wedding

Back on September 24th Shaun and I were able to go to the wedding and reception of a family friend, Rachel. She got married to her long time boyfriend, Tod. It was a fun event for the most part. The funnest part for us was getting to see other family friends we don't often see because they live clear across the country. We were able to spend time with Big Sarah (brides mom), little Sarah (the brides sister) and Little Sarah's husband Seth during the reception and then Little Sarah and Seth ended up coming and spending the night at our house. It was a lot of fun getting to stay up talking and playing Uno with them. It was also a lot of fun all the other times we got to spend time with the Sarah's throughout the remainder of their stay here is SLC.

Here are some pictures from the wedding:
The I Do's
Officially Mr. & Mrs. W
The wedding cake
Shaun and I at the wedding
Cutting the cake
Having fun in the photo booth
Seth, Sarah, Shaun and I having some fun