Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am finally updating!!!

I have decided that I am not very good at this whole blogging thing. I will work on it, but no guarantees. Anyhow.. I am at least updating it now, right?

Shaun and I have stayed pretty busy the last couple of months, but we have had a lot of fun! Shaun is still working for Conexum and I am still at the hospital. I will be starting back up with school in 2 weeks and I will also be going part-time at work.

Let's see... Here are some of the other things Shaun and I have been up to.

-On the 4th of July Shaun and I spend the day with my parents at Riverton Hometown days and then we headed out to Grantsville to my aunt and uncles house for a BBQ and for fireworks. The BBQ was a lot of fun, but the fireworks were a little disappointing. They are usually really good, but no so much this year.

-The Fray was in concert on the 18th of July and we went to it! It was a lot of fun! It was nice to be able to listen to some great music and just relax on the grass. Fun story... Shaun and I were at the ticket window buying tickets to the next concert we are going to (Brad Paisley) and a girl came up to me and informed me that my shirt was on inside out! OOPS!!! We had taken a nap before we had gone to the concert and I guess when I put it back on I had put it on inside out. Neither Shaun or I had noticed it though because of the design of the shirt... It was pretty funny...

-Shaun and I were also able to go to the Oqurrih Mountain Temple open house with my friends Nan and her husband and son. It is a very pretty temple. I was really nice to be able to go with them and spend time with them. I was amazed at the number of people that we saw that day that we knew.

-Shaun and I have been to 2 rodeos this season. The first one we went to was the Strawberry Days rodeo. It was fun, well all except the getting rained on the whole time part... that wasn't so much fun, but that just adds to the adventure right? The other rodeo we went to was the Days of '47 rodeo, which this year was moved to the E-Center (not a big fan of this move...). This is what we did for our 24th of July. It was pretty fun. One of the bull riders got hurt pretty bad though... As he was riding the bull he fell forward and hit his cheek on the bulls horn and then was bucked off and then stepped on by the bull! OUCH!!!!

-Here is a primary update for you. Shaun and I had adjusted to teaching our class and everything we going great. We even did okay when the other Valiant 10 teachers didn't show up and we had to take both class... Well now we have a whole new class to adjust to. One night, while I was at work, the primary president called and told Shaun that there were needed to do some changes in with some of the classes and asked that we now teach the sunbeams. I wasn't really happy about this, just because I had grown to really like our Valiant 10 class and I didn't want to leave them. So we have been a little sad about it, but sunday was our first day teaching the sunbeams and it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought it would be. They are actually REALLY cute kids!!! Hopefully they stay that way.

-One of the most important things that happened is Shaun and I celebrated our one year anniversary on August 2nd. We didn't really do anything to celebrate, because we were driving home from Vegas, but it is still great to know that we have made it through our first year of married life! I am SO grateful for Shaun and all that he does for me. He puts up with a lot and I am so grateful. I have loved spending the last year for my life being married to him and look forward to many, many more years ahead of us. I look forward to the day when we can be sealed together for time and all eternity, so that I will know that I get to spend the rest of my life and all eternity with him. There is nothing more that I want. I love you babe!

I have also posted some other posts about things that have been going on in our lives. Enjoy! (There are 8 total posts from today!)

Shaun went to Defcon... And I played!!!

In Vegas that is! For the last couple of year Shaun has wanted to go to Defcon (it's a hacking conference), but hasn't been able to. This year, however, I decided to let him go. He seemed to have a lot of fun. He even got to go to a class that was taught by Adam Savage, who is on Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel (SUPER jealous about this!!). Shaun also got to spend time with some of the guys that he used to work with at Backcountry.

While Shaun was at his classes all day I was free to play in Vegas. Friday I pretty much just spend the day relaxing around the hotel. I did wonder out of the hotel for a little bit to go shopping and to go visit the Las Vegas Temple! My mom and cousin Jennifer drove down friday after they both got off work, so I was able to spend sometime with them on Saturday! We spend most of the morning relaxing and eating lunch and then we heading to the strip. We went to MGM and watch Lions have a quickie... Super funny... and then we went and played at the M & M factory and the Coke factory. We also went to Mandalay Bay and the Tropicana. That night we all went out for sushi with the boys. We didn't do anything really big, but I still had a fun time!

Sunday was pretty much just us driving home. Oh yeah... and it was Mine and Shaun's one year anniversary!!!
St George Temple

Las Vegas Temple

The male lion at MGM.. The trainers kept throwing meat at the glass and the lions would come lick the meat off of the glass.

Being all cuddly before the male makes his move... (We were sitting there watching the lions and all of a sudden the male got up, started humping the female lion... It was so funny to hear everyone reaction)

After the "quickie"

Me, Jen and My mom at M & M World

This picture was taken while waiting for the "Lost my M in Vegas" movie to start at M & M World. Right as the picture was taken Jen's already almost broken chair completed it's braking process

Melissa's Baby Shower cake

On July 18th my mom's side of the family throw a baby shower for my cousin Melissa. Shaun and I decided that we wanted to make a cake. It turned out really cute! It took us a good 8 hours to finish, but it was WELL worth it, because it turned out so great!

Shaun's 27th Birthday!!!

This year Shaun turned 27. It was a lot of fun to be able to spend time with him on his birthday. I wasn't able to spend his birthday with him last year, because I was on my last family vacation as a single woman. Shaun had to still work on his birthday, but I was able to take him out to lunch. We has sushi (YUMMY!!!). After lunch he headed back to work and I headed home to work on his birthday cake.

That night we went out to dinner at the Olive Garden with his mom, my parents, my aunt Brenda, and my grandpa. While at dinner he opened some of his presents (cash and a cool ice cream cookbook). After dinner we went to Murray Park and ate the yummy cake and had Shaun open his present from me. I bought him 18 discs of Good Eats (54 episodes total). I did a very good job picking out his present this year. He has been really cute and LOVES watching the discs. He has even got more excited about cooking! After cake at the park, Shaun and I went and visited his grandpa, who wasn't able to make it to dinner like originally planned, because of one of his aunts....

Picture time!!
Shaun didn't really want us singing happy birthday to him, so I decided that I would name this cat, who was hanging out near where we were sitting, Shaun. So we sang happy birthday to Shaun the cat.

Everyone, minus Michelle

Shaun super awesome b-day present from me!

His finished cake!

The side of the finished cake!

Our Garden

Shaun has been working really hard to grow a garden for us! He started back in March by starting to grow the plants inside of our house... When the got big enough we moved them outside... Most of them however have not survived. Shaun did buy some other stuff that he has just planted outside. Our garden currently contained 2 types of potatoes (red and I think russet..), garlic, green beans, tomatoes, and some pepper plants. They only things that are really doing all that well are the potatoes and garlic. I think for Shaun first garden he has done a GREAT job!

Shaun working hard to get the garden ready

What it looked like after planting our first plants...

And now this is what it looks like!

These are the potatoes... they are REALLY big!!!

Cake Decorating

Shaun and I had talked about taking a cake decorating class together and so we finally went to Hobby Lobby and signed up for our first class. It was a lot of fun! We learned a lot of different stuff. Here are some of the cakes we created.

Cake #1. We learned how to do image transfer, using piping gel.... We hadn't come completely prepared...

Cupcakes.. Using different flower tips...

Cake #2 using the same type tips as the cupcakes..

Our final cake!! We learned how to complete the rose, which we had been learning since week 2)

Side view of our final cake!

Byron & Kari's Visit

Another thing that happened in June was that Shaun's oldest brother Byron and his family came out to visit from Indiana. Byron and Kari have 4 kids (James, Michael, Emelie and Eliza). Last summer, before Shaun and I got married, I was able to go on family vacation with his family to Cannon Beach, Oregon and I got to met Byron's family there. Since that time, however, they have had a new addition to the family (Eliza). It was nice to be able to met her and get to spend some time with my nieces and nephews. While they were here I was able to play with them at the playground at the school and I was also able to go to the zoo with them. It was a lot of fun! They are SO cute! James was a lot of fun. He loves posing for pictures. It was really cute.

James & Emelie on the slide

Michael on the slide. (This was the only picture I was able to get of him that day. He was being REALLY shy. It was cute!)

James posing for me

Michael hiding in the big shell on the playground at the zoo.

Emelie eating her cotton candy

Emelie and Grandma looking at the elephants

James posing on the gorilla statue

Michael, James and Emelie looking at the giraffes

Our fun day at the zoo with Tammy & Andy

Back in June Shaun and I went to the zoo with our friends Tammy and Andy. It was A LOT of fun! Tammy and Andy are REALLY fun to hang out with. After we were done at the zoo we went to Ruth's Diner. It was super yummy!

Here are just a few pictures from the trip to the zoo.

We watched the spider monkeys play. There were fun to watch

It was Kleenex day at the zoo I guess and this little bug kept following us around... It REALLY liked Tammy and I.

So I am pretty much deathly afraid of birds... but I was able to be talked into go to the bird show that they have at Hogle zoo.. Not only did I go to the bird show, but I sat on the second row. I am pretty sure watching me was WAY more entertaining than the bird show =)