Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shaun went to Defcon... And I played!!!

In Vegas that is! For the last couple of year Shaun has wanted to go to Defcon (it's a hacking conference), but hasn't been able to. This year, however, I decided to let him go. He seemed to have a lot of fun. He even got to go to a class that was taught by Adam Savage, who is on Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel (SUPER jealous about this!!). Shaun also got to spend time with some of the guys that he used to work with at Backcountry.

While Shaun was at his classes all day I was free to play in Vegas. Friday I pretty much just spend the day relaxing around the hotel. I did wonder out of the hotel for a little bit to go shopping and to go visit the Las Vegas Temple! My mom and cousin Jennifer drove down friday after they both got off work, so I was able to spend sometime with them on Saturday! We spend most of the morning relaxing and eating lunch and then we heading to the strip. We went to MGM and watch Lions have a quickie... Super funny... and then we went and played at the M & M factory and the Coke factory. We also went to Mandalay Bay and the Tropicana. That night we all went out for sushi with the boys. We didn't do anything really big, but I still had a fun time!

Sunday was pretty much just us driving home. Oh yeah... and it was Mine and Shaun's one year anniversary!!!
St George Temple

Las Vegas Temple

The male lion at MGM.. The trainers kept throwing meat at the glass and the lions would come lick the meat off of the glass.

Being all cuddly before the male makes his move... (We were sitting there watching the lions and all of a sudden the male got up, started humping the female lion... It was so funny to hear everyone reaction)

After the "quickie"

Me, Jen and My mom at M & M World

This picture was taken while waiting for the "Lost my M in Vegas" movie to start at M & M World. Right as the picture was taken Jen's already almost broken chair completed it's braking process

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