Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our First Concert

Back on November 7th Shaun and I head up to Ogden to see the Hush Sound, Spill Canvas, Augustana, and OneRepublic is concert. It was the first concert that we had been to together and it was a lot of fun. We didn't end up getting to see Augustana perform because the lead singer had fallen off the stage at a concert a week or so before the concert we went to and had hurt himself pretty badly. I was sad because I was REALLY looking forward to seeing them in concert, but in the end it was okay. The concert was A LOT of fun!! Shaun even bought me a cute Hush Sound (the reason he wanted to go to the concert) shirt and hoodie. Here are some pictures:
Shaun and I waiting between groups

The Hush Sound
(They are really good. If you haven't heard of them you should check them out)

The Spill Canvas
(I had not heard of them until I was checking out info on the concert, but they were also good)

(They were AWESOME!! They have an amazing cello player. I loved listening to him play!)

Our calling

Well Shaun and I have been living in Riverton for just under a month now and are REALLY liking it! It is really nice to feel loved and accepted so quickly in a new ward. Last week we had an appointment with the Bishopric so they could get to know us and the first thing the Bishop said was "we have a calling for you." Then after a moments pause he said "well maybe we should get to know you a little bit before we dive into that."

Shaun and I will be jointly teach the Valiant 10A (not that the A part matters to you... There is just 2 Valiant 10's in our ward) in our ward primary. This will be my first "big" calling and I am really excited to get to know the primary kids. It will be nice to actually feel like we are a part of a ward, as I did in the last ward we were in.

Shaun and I don't have to teach until the new year, but next week they want us to go check out Primary and see how things are done.

I am excited to be able to teach these kids and get to know them and their parents better.