Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rest of August and The Month of September

Wow! This past month and a half has been CRAZY (as you will see!) and blogging just didn't happen! So this will be one big post to help me get caught up in my blogging efforts. I hope you enjoy.

August 23rd- This was a very special day for our friends Aaron and Betsy (and Lydia too!). This is the day that they finalized the adoption for their precious little Lydia! I am so very happy for all of them! Lydia is so very lucky to have Aaron and Betsy for parents! To help them celebrate this special day, we were all invited to a Gotcha Day party! Congrats Aaron and Betsy!

August 27th- Our Ward camp-out was held up American Fork canyon! It was raining that day and so Shaun and I just opted to go up for dinner. It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with our ward members! We really did belong to an awesome ward!

August 28th- Every year my Aunt Brenda does a Niece's Night out and they are always a lot of fun! This year went to my Cousin Angie's house and scrapbooked. It was a lot of fun!

September 1st- I started a new blog, which has also suffered from my lack of blogging... Anyhow.. The name of my new blog is Daily Dose of Gratitude. My hope for this blog is to write about one thing that I am grateful for everyday. I did pretty good for the first half of the month and then moving happened and I didn't take the time to write each day. I am going to get back on the bandwagon though and start writing again.

September 2nd- Megan and Jason got married! They had the ceremony at the White Chapel, which is located across from the Capitol Building. It was a beautiful ceremony. For the reception we headed over to the Joseph Smith Memorial building, where we had dinner and were entertained by a Barbershop quartet and a comedian. It was a very enjoyable evening! Congrats Megan and Jason! May you share a lifetime of happiness together!

September 3rd- Shaun and I went to Swiss Days up in Midway! It has been a family tradition for a long time to go and I am glad that Shaun is willing to helping with this tradition. It is always fun to go up and look at all the booths and eat some yummy food! After we were done up at Swiss Days, we went and spent the evening with Christie and Matt. We went swimming and then played games! It was a GREAT day!

September 4th- We celebrated Shaun's Grandpa's 90th birthday! It was fun getting to spend time with family and to meet a few more people that I haven't met yet.

September 5th- We were able to spend the evening with Tammy and Andy and their new foreign exchange student Ricki. We had a delicious dinner and played games. We played the LONGEST game of Uno ever! It took use over an hour to play one round... It was  crazy! We don't get to spend much time with Tammy and Andy, so it was great to be able to see them!

September 6th- We had breakfast with Shaun's parents. This is the third year in a row that we have done breakfast with them. It is pretty good food and always enjoyable to spend time with them.

September 10th-We headed to the Greek Festival with Aaron, Betsy, and Lydia. It was a lot of fun! The food is always SO good! The Greek Festival is another little tradition we have!

September 11th- We went to the State Fair. Never again will I go on a Saturday! There were SO many people! We tried going to the Rodeo, but by the time we got there all the seat were either taken by people or blankets that people had left while they went and explored the fair.

September 16th- I help Jackson (Megan and Jason's son) celebrate his first birthday at Wheeler Farm! I can't believe that he is already one! This past year has gone by so quickly! It was fun being able to spend time with friends!

September 18th- I had a Girls Night out at Color Me Mine! It was TONS of fun! I am so glad we went. In attendance was Betsy, Jen, Christie, Brook and I. We each picked something different to make and it was a lot of fun to just talk and be creative. We will DEFINTELY be doing this again! Thanks girls for coming and helping me have a GREAT night out!

September 25th- This was the biggest thing that happened the last month... WE MOVED!!! We now live in South Salt Lake and we really like it thus far. We had started to bring car loads of stuff over through out the week, but our big move was on the 25th. It was nice having so many people from both our old and new ward as well as friends and family come help us. Thanks again! We REALLY did appreciate the help! I will definitely post more about a new place once we get everything all cleaned up and organized. 

WOW! What month! Sorry the post was so long! A lot of stuff did happen this month and you can see!

Here are a few pictures:

 Big Fire at the Ward Campout
 The Happy Couple: Megan and Jason
The whole gang at Color Me Mine
 Jackson eating his birthday cake! So cute!