Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let's get caught up!

It's been an exciting 3 months.  I stayed pretty busy with work and school, but that didn't stop me for added doing taxes with my Grandpa to my schedule. Granted I didn't work there very often due to my schedule, but I still worked a few days. Luckily I didn't have class on Tuesdays this term so Shaun and I were able to spend V-Day together :) To start our V-Day celebration out Shaun had roses sent to me at work on the 13th, since I didn't work on the 14th. He wanted me to be the special one to receive roses at work! I definitely did feel special!! On Valentine's Day evening we headed down to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Orem to see "King Arthur & Lancelot: For the Love of Guinevere" a dinner theater production put on by Salty Dinner Theater Company. The show was pretty good. It was definitely an interested evening...

For Shaun's present for V-Day I did my first Pinterest project. I made a little book of 52 Reason I love him. It turned out pretty cute. 

I don't think we really did anything else that was big during February, So lets move on to March :)

We had our annual Pi Day Celebration! It was a lot of fun. We didn't have as many people show up this year as we did last year, but we still had a lot of fun! I made my first ever pie and it was DELICIOUS!! I have made it a few times since Pi Day! 

I finished up my second to last term of school! Only 10 more weeks at that point to go!! To finish up my term I had a couple off-site I need to do for clinic. One of the off-sites I did was to go and work on Grizzles players! It was pretty cool. I only worked on one player (who was brand new to the team) and a couple of staff members, but it was still a lot of fun. After I was done with that they gave me a couple tickets to the game so Shaun and I were able to go watch the game. I thought it was a lot of fun. Then again I LOVE going to hockey games! Shaun wasn't so sure about it. We are going to go again with friends sometime and see if it is funner for him. He also wasn't feeling the best, so I don't think that helped matters.

Another big thing that happened during March was Shaun went to Atlanta, Georgia for a week to finish putting together his new company, Chatmongers, with his business partner. They spent a lot of time working, but they were able to go check out Stone Mountain.

Now on to April! The Sunday of conference weekend we went to his parents house for breakfast and lunch and to watch conference. This has become somewhat of a tradition and it is always pretty fun.

The following weekend Shaun and I went to Color Me Mine with My Mom and Christie and Matt. It was a lot of fun! I LOVE going to Color Me Mine and it was fun to have some guys there. We normally do it as a Girls Day activity, but we changed it up a little bit this time. After we were done with that Christie and Matt came over to our house and we dyed Easter eggs!

For My Birthday this year we went to Olive Garden with my Parents and Grandpa before I headed off to school for the rest of the evening. I did get to go do a session at the Jordan River Temple during the day, which was a nice birthday present to myself! All in all it was a GREAT birthday!

The next day Shaun and I went and saw The Princess Bridesmaid at Desert Star Playhouse! It was so fun! I am really glad we got season tickets there this year. It is early in the production and you could kind of tell. There were a few times that they messed up their lines, but when they did they made it entertaining. I can't wait until the next show! 

Well I think that pretty much gets us caught up! We are enjoying the weather we have had! Zoey loves when we go for walks, so we try and go as much as possible. I have 3 weeks left of school and then I am done!! I should be a Licensed Massage Therapist by the middle of June!! I can't wait!!

Here are pictures from the last couple months!

My Beautiful Roses from Shaun
My first Pinterest Project
Our Cute Little Family on V-Day (not the best pictures)
Some of the pies
Some of the party goers (same goes for the next couple pictures)
Us at the Grizzles game
Stone Mountain
On the hike up Stone Mountain
My Mom's project
Shaun working on his mug
Christie working on her project
Matt and his pre-fired finished project
Christie & her pre-fired finished project
Shaun and his pre-fired project
Me and my pre-fired project
Our Final project!!
Christie and Matt dying eggs
Shaun and I
Shaun and his Eat Me egg :)