Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tulip Festival

Yesterday Shaun and I decided to go down to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. It was a lot of fun! The flowers were SO pretty! I am glad that the weather held out for us! Here are some pictures

My cute husband

The waterfalls

Backside of the waterfall..

We came across a goose family! The babies were SO cute!

We fed the fish in their pond.

The Italian Gardens

Us inside the Secret Gardens

The Secret Gardens (I think this was my favorite garden)

The Carousel

We watch this military helicopter keep filling up the bucket and then he would go dump it on the mountain side. It was kind of fun to watch!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pictures from our trip

Here are the pictures I promised you last night. I didn't have my camera with me so that is why you didn't get any then. Enjoy! They aren't in the order that we did things, but you get to at least get a taste of our vacation!

Me in front of the theater we saw Wicked at! (Wicked is AWESOME!!!)

Us in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (yes this is as close at we got... we didn't have a car...)

Ghirardelli Square (from a distance.. They had REALLY yummy chocolate cover strawberries!)

Port of San Francisco Building. They had fun little shops inside.

Us in front of the Oakland Bay Bridge


Shaun posing in front of an old cable car at the Cable Car Museum

Riding on the cable car

This is San Francisco's City Hall... It looks like our Capital building...

This is how close we were to the BART stop from our hotel...

The sea lions at Pier 39. They were fun to watch

At Pier 39

On our way to Alcatraz

The view of the City from inside the prison

Us outside the prison

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi There! We are alive...

So I know I haven't posted in over a month. Things have just been a little crazy. Here is a recap of what has been going on in our lives.

For those of you who don't know Shaun got fired from due to the fact that he boss didn't like the way he answered one of his questions one day (it's a big long story that I am sure you don't want to be bored with). Shaun has decided that he is going to start his own company doing IT consulting. You can visit his website at He has a few job here and there, but no big clients yet. If you are in the Salt Lake Valley and know of anyone that needs help with IT stuff, I am sure Shaun would appreciate the referral.

During tax season I was working 2 jobs. My grandpa does people taxes and so when I was at the hospital working I was at my grandpa's helping him with taxes. I am definitely glad that tax season is over. Working 2 jobs (50+ hours a week) and going to school was wearing me out. Speaking of school I only have another 1 week of school left and then my final. I will be glad when I can have more time to do thing around the house.

I recently inherited quilting frame from Shaun's grandmother and so Shaun decided that he wanted to tie as a new quilt that we can cuddle under. After shopping at a few stores Shaun found material that he liked so Conference weekend is we started our little project. We were able to set it up and tie the whole thing (we did a queen size quilt) all in one session. Now all I need to do is work on the binding and our project will be complete.

My birthday was on the 19th and as an early birthday present Shaun took me to San Francisco to see Wicked and to go exploring around San Francisco. (Last time I went to San Francisco I didn't get to do much...) Wicked was COMPLETELY AMAZING! It was so good! I would love to see it again! San Francisco was a lot of fun too. We went to Chinatown, Civic Center, Fisherman Wharf, Pier 39, Alcatraz, and tons more places! The hotel we stayed at was really cool too. We stayed at the Hotel Whitcomb, which is located kiddy corner for the theatre that Wicked is playing at and the entrance to the hotel is within 30 feet of the BART station (We used BART and a MUNI pass to get around! I was REALLY nice! I would definitely recommend it). It was a great trip! I will have to post some picture when I have access to my camera. Hopefully I will be able to find some time tomorrow to do that, since I have the day off!

Last Saturday Shaun and I went to see Phantom at Hale Center Theatre. It was really good. It wasn't Phantom of the Opera, but it was pretty much the same story, with a little more detail. It was good. Later that night we went to dinner at Famous Dave's (yummy) for mine and my Aunt Brenda's birthday. Her birthday is on the 18th and so we almost always go to dinner for both of our birthday. It is a lot of fun.

On Sunday Shaun's parents invited us and my parents over for birthday dinner. It was SUPER yummy! It was nice to be able to celebrate with both my parent and Shaun's. My parents gave me this clock, which I just feel in love with it when I went to Ladies Night at Deseret Book with my mom and aunt conference weekend. I also received a new cookbook, a few children's books (I have a things with children's books) and same cash (which I have already spent on some cute new clothes!) It was a really nice birthday!

Well there is a little update on us. I will try getting pictures from our trip up tomorrow!