Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Third Annual Pumpkin Carvnival

We once again had our annual Halloween party and it was pretty fun. We didn't have a huge turn out again this year, but that is okay because we still were able to enjoy the yummy food and have a great time with our friends. The three of us even dressed up this year! I was a good witch, Shaun was a scientist and Zoey was a postal worker.

Here are some pics:
Me carving my pumpkin
Christie, Evan (left) Stephanie and I (right) working on our pumpkins
Matt working on his pumpkin
Stephanie and Evan's pumpkins
Matt and Christie's finished products
The back of Christie's pumpkin
My finished product!
Group shoot!
Shaun, Zoey & I in our Halloween costumes
Matt & Christie in their Halloween costumes

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