Friday, January 23, 2009

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve Shaun and I decided to have a fondue party at our place. Not a lot of people came, but the few that did we had fun with. My friend Christie and her husband Matt came and stayed the whole time and Shaun's friend Bob showed up and stayed for a little bit, but then headed to his cousins house for another party. We did have one of Shaun's coworkers, Doug, and his kids show up around 11:30 as well.

After eating the yummy fondue that Shaun made we played started to watch a movie that I wasn't so into and instead decided that we should play Rockband. It was a MUCH better idea. It was a lot of fun!!!

To ring in the new year we lite off some fireworks and just made a lot of noise. It was a good time!

Shaun playing the drums in Rockband

Our last picture of 2008 (and I'm sad because it is a little blurry)

Us celebrating the New Year!!


Chelsea said...

Ahhhh! How cute! We wish we could have been there!

Chelsea said...

Fondue is nummy. We don't have one, but I would love to get one!