Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our weekend trip to Seattle

Kim, Shaun and I went to Seattle this last weekend for Carolyn's wedding. We flew out Friday afternoon with out any problems and arrived in Seattle around 3 PM. We got our rental car and then headed to check in at our hotel. Tom and Chelsea want to have dinner with us so we drove to downtown Seattle and took the ferry over to Bremerton, where we got a little tour of where Tom works (well he should us were he works and then took us to see 3 ships that were currently being worked on) and then we ate at the Boat Shed. It was really good!!!! I had some super yummy pasta and Shaun had a good burger. By the time we were done with dinner we need to head back over to the ferry, so that we could make sure we got on the 9 PM ferry, otherwise we would have had to wait until 11:40 PM to get the next one.

Saturday Shaun and I hung out at the hotel and got some breakfast at Denny's while everyone else was at the temple. Then we had the wedding luncheon at Brier Pizza and Family restaurant. We got to met the Jake Monster. He is so cute!! and I finally got to meet Carolyn and Christine, which was nice. After the luncheon we had sometime so we went back to the hotel and took a nap :) It was nice being able to just relax. Then the rest of the evening we spend at the Kempe's for the reception. Everything we really simple, but it was very nice.

Sunday Shaun and I were going to go down to Pike's market and look around, but it never happened. I was trying to get our suitcase packed and all of the sudden my back popped and I could move. I was literally just standing there when it popped. I think I totally freaked Shaun out, but he was really cute (and is still being really cute about it) and had me lazy down on the bed. About the time Kim called us to see what our plans for the morning were and so Shaun told him what had happened and that he would be over to his room in a few to talk to him. Shaun asked that his dad give me a blessing, so they called Wally (uncle) and he come over to our room and gave me a blessing. I spent the next 2 hours in bed, pretty much unable to move. I was advantually able to get up and get ready and we did make it home. Shaun just had to wheel me through both airports in a wheelchair. I was TOTALLY embarrassed... but I can't walk very fast or very far. By the time we landed here in SLC, I was in a lot of pain so Shaun took me to the ER to get check out. We were able to get right in and were actually out of the ER within 90 minutes. The ER doc thought what happened is my disc's shifted and the muscles in my back didn't like it (or something like that). So he gave me some Tordol and Morphine and sent me home with a prescribtion for Norflex (a muscle relaxer) and physical therapy. The drugs I got in the ER kicked in on our way to the pharmacy and I was having a hard time staying awake. I did get a good nights sleep and then spent pretty much all of the next day asleep (I called in sick).

My back isn't one hundred percent better, but it feels much better than when it first happened. Hopefully everything will get better soon!

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