Monday, September 29, 2008

We are under contract

Shaun and I placed an offer on a condo in West Valley and the offer was accepted. The only problem is that we have to wait for bankruptcy court to okay it (the lady who we are buy from in is going through bankruptcy right now...). We should know in the next couple weeks if it is okay or not and then we can proceed with everything. I know in the last post we were looking for a house in the Murray/Taylorsville area, but we ended up with a condo in West Valley. After going and looking at some house we decided that what we were wanting to spend on a house wouldn't buy us something that didn't require a lot of work and we also decided that we don't want to be married to our house, so for now we are going with something smaller (well it's really not smaller... It is 2300 square feet) and something that is not going to cost as much. You can go to to find out more info on it and to see pictures!! Another benefit of the location of this condo is it is 5 minutes from Shaun work!!!

EDIT: So it looks like Utah Real Estate took our condo off of their listing... So you can go to then buy. Then on the search tab search by MLS # and type in 830298


Amy said...

oooooh nice! I love it!

Kenna and Mommy said...

cogratulations Alicia! =)

Michelle said...

Hm.. I wasn't able to see pics, so you'll just have to post some sometime.. but I'm excited for you! And that's GREAT that it's so near Shaun's work! Let us know how things turn out!