Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Shaun & I went up to Bear Lake to go sailing. We headed up there friday and were going to go to Swiss Days on our way up, but we didn't end up leaving town in time so we didn't make it. Oh well, hopefully we can make it next year.

On the way up there there were only a few issues. When we got to Kimball Junction the traffic was REALLY backed up so we got off there & grabbed some dinner & then took the frontage road. The other problem we incountered was when we were almost to Bear Lake. A motorcyclist had hit a cow that had got out. The accident had to of happened right before we got there, because we passed the accident & we then passed by the police & then an ambulance. It was pretty crazy.

Saturday morning we got up & had some breakfast & then prepared the sailboat for my first sail. On Labor Day every year the Utah Sailing Association (the sailing club that Shaun is a member of) has an unofficial race. The race is from Rendezvous Beach to Le Beau's (where we ate) & then back again. It was my first sail & I wasn't really sure what to expect, but overall it was enjoyable. Going to Le Beau's was smooth sailing, but on the way back not so much. Well at least it wasn't for me. The wind had picked up tremedously & so we traveled much faster & the waves were much bigger. I didn't enjoy that so much. In fact I pretty much freaked out the whole way back. Shaun was nice though & we took longer to get back. I think it would have been better if I had already adjusted to the boat. Hopefully I will get better.

That night we had a dinner with the other members of the club & they had a horseshoe tournament. It was pretty fun.

Sunday we packed up & then headed home. On the way home we passed the dead cow for the accident we saw on friday & could have lost the boat. The tie downs came lost & the boat started to slide, but Shaun noticed the lose ties & we pulled over, before it was too late.

That night we went to my grandma's house for cake & ice cream. So overall the weekend was a LOT of fun!

This is Shaun & I after the race. We got a little sun...


Chelsea said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I had wondered if you had gone sailing with him yet. Tom's gone before and really enjoyed it, but I never had that experience.....yet. Tom wants to get a small sail boat sometime!

Tom said...

Too bad you missed Swiss Days. The Swiss tacos are good (though they look strangely like a Navajo taco), the swiss hamburgers are good (though they suspiciously resemble american hamburgers), and the swiss ice cream was good but had the same problem as the tacos and hamburgers.

Oh--the polish sausages are swiss. Those are authentic.

Michelle said...

Fun! I've always wanted to go sailing! I remember watching my dad try it when I was about 10. He didn't do so great :)