Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our trip to Ogden on Frontrunner

On Saturday Shaun and I spent the day together up in Ogden to visit the museum at the Ogden Union Station. We decided that we wanted to ride Frontrunner up there, just to see what it was like.

This is Shaun on the way up to Ogden

This is me on the way up to Ogden

I tried taking a picture of Shaun & I, but it didn't really work...

That smudge near the pole is this picture is where I hit my head on the window when Shaun said "Look the front the train."

Shaun posing on the handcart at the Utah State Rail Museum

Me on the handcart at the train museum

Shaun on one of the trains out in the Eccles rail center

The museums were a lot of fun to visit. There was a lot of cool things to look at. After we got done at the museum, Shaun decided that he wanted to go explore downtown Odgen. We ended up doing a lot of walk, but it was fun!

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Amy said...

looks like fun! Maybe we'll have to do that sometime! I'm always up for picture opportunities! LOL.