Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elections '08

Some of you may know and some of you may not know that Shaun was running for office this year. He was running for State Representative of District #36 as a libertarian. He didn't do any campaigning (we get engage shortly after getting nominated to be the candidate) and didn't win, but he did end up with 202 votes (1.37% of the total votes). I am really proud of him for at least trying and will support him in his future political involvement.

We did end up going to a couple parties downtown on election night. Dylan (another libertarian that was run) was holding a party at Lumpy's downtown, so we made an appearance there. (Just an FYI they have some REALLY good nachos and their pastrami and Swiss is REALLY good too!!) After our appearance there we headed to "the party party" aka the Democrat's party. That was completely insane. There were so many people there and there was so much screaming (we got there after it had been announced that Obama had become our president... yeah...). It was definitely not something I have ever experienced before. I did get to meet a few more of Shaun's friends which was kind of fun.

That was pretty much our day... oh and yes we did go vote and no we didn't vote for Obama.


Val said...

That is so cool that Shaun is a libertarian. That's the way I usually vote. (Unless the canidate is a wacko like Super Dell) So yeah, if I was in your district I probably would have voted for Shaun.

Shaun said...

yeah... About that Superdell thing... I fi would have voted differently he would have lost to NOTA (none of the above). The vote was 10 to 9. I voted for him because I thought it could be interesting. Not however, because I thought he should ever get elected.