Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The beginning of January nothing really big happened.. Until the 17th. That is when Zoey had her Puppy Class graduation. She did a good job for the most part during the class. She is really good at sitting and we are still working on everything else. I think Shaun and I were better trained than Zoey. Anyhow... There were 6 dogs in the class (Eva, Samison, Darwin, Lucy, Ray Ray and Zoey)  Zoey didn't like the big dogs. They scared her, until graduation. The night of graduation she became adventurous and decided to go check out the big dogs (there were 3; Lucy, Darwin and Ray Ray) and try to steal treats from the instructors treat bag. It was pretty funny. For graduation we played a game and the puppies all got to eat some puppy friendly ice cream. I am not sure what Zoey thought about it. I think it was a little too cold for her. It was fun watching her eat it though. It was a fun class and I am glad that we took it.

The Graduate!
Ice cream!
Rae Rae
Lucy and Darwin
Later in month Shaun and I rode the Fun Bus to Wendover with my parents. It was a fun evening. I would definitely take the fun bus out there again. On the way out we played bingo and Shaun actually won! He only got a dollar, but it was still fun. Once we got out there we eat dinner and just wondered around. It was fun being able to spend the night with my parents. Zoey even got to have a sleepover with the family we got her from. I think she had fun, but she was excited to see us when we went to pick her up.

Shaun and I in Wendover
The following day I had the opportunity to go to Color Me Mine and have a girls day out! It was TONS of
fun! I love that place and I honestly can't wait to go again. I love getting to be creative and just having fun. Plus getting to hang out with just us girls is fun too!

My Chip and Dip set
Dianna and Christie with their bowls
Lacy's water dispenser
Stephanie's cookie jar
My Mom's spoon rest
My Mom's finished product
My finished product
I think that is pretty much our January :)

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