Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Our December started out on a spiritual note. I was able to get tickets to the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional and so we spent the evening with my parents. This was definitely a great way to start the holiday season.
I thought it was pretty that night!
The following Saturday was our ward Christmas party. Much like our old ward this ward did a Breakfast with Santa. It was fun. They has yummy food and a lot fun activities planned... well at least they did for the kids :) It was, however, a lot of fun to visit with our new ward members and getting to know some of them.

We officially started holding cub scouts and having boys actually show up. We had several weeks where no one showed up, but after making some reminder calls, the boys started showing up. We have/had 5 boys (had because 2 of them recently moved away) that show up on a regular basis.

For our Relief Society we had a nice couples dinner and had a performance by Ryan Innes. He was pretty good. We bought an album from him and have enjoyed listening to it. It will be fun to see what future release he has.

Christmas Eve we went to the annual Christmas Eve party at my grandpa's house. Then on Christmas Day we spent the morning with Shaun's parents and then we went to our friends, Aaron and Betsy, house to visit for a little bit. In the afternoon we headed to my parents house and spent the rest of our day there. We celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family the Sunday after Christmas.

Zoey can fit in her stocking
My first pumpkin roll
Our "Christmas Tree"
Our cute little family Christmas Eve
Sporting our Christmas PJ's
In between Christmas and New Years Zoey got to go to the vet to get fixed and to get a microchip placed. She did really well with it. The only big problem we had was that her microchip fell out. Shaun went to pet her after we picked her up and ended up with a white pill looking thing in he had. So we called the vet and they were really surprised that it had come out. We just had to go back in to get it replaced.. Zoey wasn't very happy about it...

New Years Eve we had our annual Fondue Party! It was SO good! I think this is one of my favorite parties that we host. We had cheese, hot oil and chocolate and lots of different dippers. Shaun has issues getting the cheese to melt this year, but once he got it to work we had fun eating it, mostly because it was REALLY stringy :)  It was a fun evening filled with great friends and family!

The dippers
Making the good stuff
My Mom (my Dad was also there... I didn't seem to get a picture of him though...)
Brook, Matt and Christie
The first family picture of the New Year
All in all 2010 was a great year! I look forward to seeing what happens during 2011

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