Wednesday, April 6, 2011


February was a fun month. I was able to go to a chocolate making demonstration with my friend Christie. It was fun, but it made me miss my Grandma! She has been gone 5 months now.. Crazy! I do need to pull out my Grandma's recipe sometime and make chocolate, especially the peanut butter ones!

On Valentines I had to work during the day and when I got home I can home to nice surprise. Shaun had got me beautiful roses and chocolate covered strawberries! It was such a nice surprise! The night we went out and had yummy sushi and some frozen custard! It was a fun evening out!

So pretty!
We were able to go on our first bike ride of the year! It was nice to get out.. It was windy though so the ride home wasn't very funny because of the strong head wind. Good work out though:

On the 18th, Shaun and I went and spent the evening with a bunch of Girl Scouts. One of our ward members is over Girls Scouts in our area and they were having a big get together and we were asked to help out with the live action Clue game they were playing. It was a lot of fun. I played the role of Miss Smooch and Shaun was Hermie "The Worm". It was fun being able to interact with the girls.

That same weekend Shaun and I got to babysit my parents dogs, Huge and Peanut. All the dogs did pretty well together. The boys normally sleep in my parents bed and so we decide to let Zoey sleep in our bed to so we wouldn't have any problems. Our bed definitely isn't big enough for 3 dogs... especially since they all cuddled up to me both nights. We also decided that Zoey sleeps much better in her crate. Peanut has become protective of Zoey. It is pretty cute.

On the 27th Shaun and I, along with our friends Christie and Matt, headed up to Hardware Ranch. We left later than we should have and by the time we got there we were like 6 minutes after the deadline to get tickets for the sleigh ride. It ended up being okay though, because it was REALLY cold up there! After we were done checking out the elk we headed into Logan and went to the Gossner Cheese Factory for some yummy cheese curds. Our next stop was the temple. We were there for all of like 5 minutes before we decided it was too cold to spend much time outside. When then headed to Maddox in Brigham City for a yummy dinner.

At Hardware Ranch
Christie and Matt

At the Logan Temple

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