Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Vacation Day 1 and 2- Chicago

On July 10 Shaun and I started our journey to the Kruger Family Reunion in Nauvoo, Illinois. We flew from here to Chicago, where we met up with Tom and Chelsea. Our flight was delayed 90 minutes so by the time we met up with Tom and Chelsea it was after 10 PM. Once we got checked into our hotel room we started our 2+ mile (round trip) walk to Pizzeria Uno and luckily they were open late! It was so yummy! I would definitely go back next time we are in Chicago (which I definitely want to do).

Sunday we spent a little time in downtown Chicago doing a little exploring. It wasn't much fun having to lug around our luggage so we spent a few hours at the train station, before getting on the train to Fort Madison to meet up with the rest of the family. The exploring we did do was fun, and I REALLY would love to go back some time and see more of Chicago.

Picture Time: 

Shaun and I near our hotel. The tall building in the background is Trump Towers
Chicago Public Library
Giant Eyeball...I love the two random people in the picture.. 
Willis (formerly Sears) Tower
 The Old Train Station
Us waiting for the old part of the train station
On the train
I love farm houses :)
The train we rode on in the Fort Madison station

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