Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Last Weekend!

This past weekend (Father's Day weekend) was full of lots of fun for us. It all started Friday night when we went with my parents out to dinner (Downtown Philly... YUMMY) and then down to the Strawberry Day's Rodeo in Pleasant Grove. Rodeo+ Strawberries= a good time. I really enjoy rodeo's and this is definitely one of my favorites to go to, it probably has a lot to do with the strawberries and cream you can buy. SO tasty. The rodeo portion is fun too!

Before the rodeo started they did mutten busting and cash cow. Mutten busting is fun to watch. It is little kids riding sheep and they get scored on how long they can hang on. Some kids do not want to let go, even if they are being dragged by the sheep. Cash cow is where they let a bunch of old kids chase after a cow, that has money stuck to it. Other events I really enjoy is barrell racing, cow milking, and bull riding.

 Us at the Rodeo

Shaun eating Strawberries


Saturday morning Shaun and I headed downtown where we met Jen and had a fun time checking out the Farmer's Market. Shaun and I bought some REALLY yummy pesto, some pasta, and a few pepper plants for our garden. After we were all done there we heading across the street to Caputo's from a tasty tasty lunch. By the time we were done with lunch Jen had to head to her friends house, so it was just us for the rest of our downtown adventure. We did a little shopping at the market at Caputo's, where we bought some prosciutto and some yummy Gouda.

After were were done there we headed over to the Gateway, where they were have The Chalk Art Festival. It was amazing to see the talent of all of these people. There were some awesome pictures that had been created. There were a lot of Alice in Wonderland themed pictures... Humm.. I wonder why....

Later Saturday evening Shaun and I met up with Aaron, Betsy and Lydia for a round of Mini golf and a trip to South Jordan Country Fest. Mini golf was really fun. I got two holes in one, which never happens, but I still ended up losing.. So not cool. At the Country Fest we just walked around checking out the booth. In the carnival area they had a dunk tank with this REALLY annoying guy dressed up as a clown in the tank. It was fun watching him tont people as they were trying to get him wet.
Betsy, Aaron and Lydia. Such a cute family!

Miss Lydia
The two of us... and my awesome sunburn...

Our weekend ended Sunday night with a visit at Shaun's parents house and a BBQ at my grandpa's house. All in all it was a GREAT weekend! I love getting to spend time with family and friends! 

(SORRY for the super long post!)

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