Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Vacation Day 7 and 8- The House and Drive Home

Friday morning we packed up the cars and we all headed to our various destinations. Byron, Kari, Tom, Chelsea and the kids all headed to Indiana (Byron and Kari's house) and Kim, Michelle, Shaun and I back to Utah. It was a long drive home, but it was also pretty fun. While on the road we listened to marriage talks and they gave me a lot of thinks to thing about. We spent Friday night is Cheyenne and then traveled the rest of the way home on Saturday.

It was a very enjoyable trip and I am glad we went. I got to get to know Shaun's family better and I got to see my nieces and nephews! I am looking forward to our night family vacation in 2 years.

Here is a little tour of the house we stayed in.
The Daugherty Mansion
Sun Room
The giant staircase I fell down the first night..
Living Room
Formal Dining room aka "The Computer Room"
Staircase #2
Our room
Kim and Michelle's room
Tom and Chelsea's room
Byron and Kari's room
Sun Room #2
This is the only picture on the laundry room I took... We found a frog down there...
Back of the house
James F. Daugherty

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