Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Primary Update

Shaun and I survived the rest of the year as Sunbeams teachers!!! They didn't eat us like we thought they might on the first day we taught them. I will definitely miss teaching some of the kids more than other, but I really do love each of them.

So it is a new year, which means new classes. This year I am teaching the Valiant 10 girls class (they changed the numbering to the age that the kids of when they go into the class, not the age when they leave...). My teaching partners name is Elizabeth Sorenson. It will be fun to get to know her more. Another fun thing about my class is I already know most of the girls. I had them last year in our first 2 classes! Another cool thing about this year is I never have to do sharing time!!! I am VERY excited about this!!

So you are probably wondering what happen to Shaun. He got released. A few months ago he got called to be the assistant to the secretary in the Elders quorum. The Bishop called him on his way to the Primary activity last week and told him that he was being released so that he could focus more on Elders quorum. I will miss teaching with him.

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