Monday, January 25, 2010

Betsy and Lydia's Baby Shower

New year eve our friends, Aaron and Betsy, announced to us that they were being presented that weekend to another birth mom. Shaun and I were really excited for them. We were also really excited for them when Betsy called me that following Monday to tell me that they had been selected. Lydia Rose was born on January 11 and is so very cute.

This last Friday I, along with Stacie and Megan, were able to throw a outdoor picnic themed shower for Betsy. It was a lot of fun to be able to celebrate the new addition to Aaron and Betsy's family. It was also fun to be able to get together with the girls, eat yummy food, and to be able to chat.

Here are some pictures from the fun night!

All the cute decorations. Megan & Stacie did a great job!

Everyone who came, minus Betsy's mom who was taking the picture

Betsy's holding Lydia

Betsy with the blanket I made for Lydia

Lydia and Jackson (Megan adopted Jackson in September). They are SO cute!


Chelsea said...

You did an outdoor baby shower in Utah?? Are you nuts? that sounds freezing!

Both babies are adorable!!

CherryandDiet said...

Alicia, I absolutely love the pics you took! You are quite the photographer!