Sunday, February 17, 2013

October 2012

October was a pretty crazy month for us. On the 10th we were able to go to the Temple and doing sealing for some of Shaun's ancestors with his parents, aunt, uncle and some cousins. His cousin Angela has been working on genealogy for the family and had a bunch of names that were ready to have sealing done. It was really neat.

In September our lease for the place we were living ended and we really didn't want to sign a new lease there. As much as we are not fans of moving we decided we should look and see what else was available. We really didn't want to move from our current ward, because we really think it is a great ward and I had just started my calling in the Relief Society Presidency and have really enjoyed it. Luckily we were able to find a new place to rent within our ward boundaries. On the 20th we loaded up a moving truck and moved the 1.1 miles to our new place. For this move we decided to do things a little differently. On all of the boxes we packed we placed a colored star on it. This star designated where that box would end up. We put signs on every level of our new place that showed where that colored star went. For the most part this worked out great. We definitely will be trying it next time we move.

Also in October I was able to go to Time Out for Women here in Salt Lake with my Mom, Aunt Cory and my friend Christie. It was a really fun weekend! I am so glad I went. It is such a spiritually uplifting event! I can't wait for TOFW 2013!

The last fun thing we did in October was have our annual Pumpkin Carvenival. We did it as a family home evening activity instead of a Friday night activity, but it was still a lot of fun. Two other couples came and we had dinner and carved pumpkins. I am not sure why I find it so fun, but I do!

TOFW with my Aunt Cory, My Mom (gotta love her face) and Christie
Ginger & Kent and their spider pumpkin
Shaun & I tag teamed this pumpkin
Christie's pumpkin

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