Sunday, March 31, 2013

November 2012

November started out with being crafty! I love being crafty! On the 3rd it was our ward's Super Saturday activity. They had some fun projects, but I decided to go simple and just do a couple of necklaces. They turned out pretty cute.  Also on the 3rd was the annual niece's activity that my Aunt Brenda does, only this year all the mom's were invited too. We went to Color Me Mine!! I LOVE COLOR ME MINE!! It was fun to be able to hang out with my mom, cousins and aunts and just be creative! I really like how my piece turned out!

November wasn't a very good month for us as far as health goes, especially for Shaun. At the beginning of the month he had a cold. He started to feel a little bit better and then ended up with strep. After taking the penicillin for that he still wasn't feeling 100% so decided to go into the doctor again and found out the he had a little bit of bronchitis. I also had a cold and sinus infection during November. With being pregnant there is very little you can take and I was pretty miserable, but at least I wasn't sick most of the month like Shaun was. I will take that!

On Thanksgiving this year I had to work, but Shaun's Mom was willing to schedule dinner after I got off work so we went to his parents house and had a small Thanksgiving dinner with his grandpa, Uncle Stewart, Aunt Marie and her friend Louise. It was different than most Thanksgivings I have had, but it was still an enjoyable evening. Shaun made green bean casserole from scratch and it was really tasty. All of the food was good in fact.

We ended the month by going to our first Christmas party of the year at a couple of our ward members house. It was fun. The food was good and we had fun watching The Grinch (the animated version). It was a great way to begin the Christmas season!

My Mom being creative
The kids painting 
Dawna & My Aunt Brenda
My Aunt Shirlynn & Angie
My completed project
I love how it turned out

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