Friday, January 18, 2013

Am I really?

It is kind of unnerving when everything seems to be happening the exact same way as last time. I took the provera to start my period then took the clomid to help me ovulation. On day 21 of my cycle I had my progesterone level checked and was told that I didn't ovulate again. So we started the next cycle of meds and then I didn't start my period when I should have... So I waited a few days and took a pregnancy test and it came back positive, to double check I took another test and it also came back positive. Normally one would be really happy and excited at this point, but I was freaking out. Everything was exactly like last time and I was REALLY worried that I would have another miscarriage and I didn't want that. I called my doctors office freaking out a little, but the nurse was really helpful and understanding. I was told when to schedule my first appointment and then was prescribed a couple of prescriptions to help me hopefully maintain the pregnancy.

Our little Dino! (From my second ultrasound)
October 3rd rolls around and I head to my first appointment. I was nervous because I just wanted answers and I got them. I was able to have an ultrasound that day and we found out that there was a fetus growing inside of me! I was also told that I wasn't measuring as far along as if you go by my last period. I was about a week behind, so we weren't able to hear a heartbeat that day. (I was supposed to be 6 weeks and 6 days along, but was only measuring 5 weeks 2 days) The ultrasound tech told me to schedule another ultrasound for the following week or two and we'd be able to hear that heartbeat. So I did and on the 16th of October I was able to go in and the nervousness was still there. I was measuring about where I should be and there was definitely a baby growing in there! Then the moment of truth came. Would we hear a heartbeat or not? Well we did! It was an AMAZING experience. I, for the first time in my pregnancy, allowed myself to be excited.

The nausea and fatigue has been there this time, which is different then the last time, but that didn't mean we were completely out of the woods. On November 14th I had my next appointment and Dr Merrill told me everything lab wise looked good. It was then time to check for the heartbeat. This was definitely a nerve racking experience. At first there was a student (at least I think he was a student. I didn't get introduced to him) that tried to find the heartbeat. He couldn't seem to find it and that completely freaked me out. I thought this can't be happening again! Then Dr. Merrill took over. It took him a little bit, but he was finally able to find it! Hearing the heartbeat is such a relieving sound. I could finally breath again. I had made it 11 weeks and there was still a heartbeat!!!

My appointments in December went well too! Dr. Merrill was about to find out babies heartbeat pretty quickly this time. On December 20th Shaun and I found out that we are having a little girl. It was amazing to sit and watch her move around and to be able to listen to her heartbeat. This was the first time Shaun has been to an appointment and I think it made it so much more real for him.

We told our parents on Christmas Eve that we are having a little girl and they are so excited! My parents are excited to just be having a grandchild (this is their first) and Shaun's parents are excited to have a granddaughter in the state of Utah!

She is so cute! I already love this little girl so much!
At my last appointment on January 3rd, I had the ultrasound where they check to make sure everything looks good and the amazing ultrasound tech (she really is AWESOME!) said that everything looked good. Our little girl was being so cute! Towards the end of the ultrasound she had her legs up by her head. It was pretty cute. After my ultrasound I met with Dr. Merrill. He looked at the results from the ultrasound and since I was measuring further ahead then the June 5th due date, about 19 weeks and 1 day, he decided to change my due day back to my original due date of May 24th. He said that with my two early ultrasounds that things could have been off just a little bit and cause a big difference in the due date. So as of my appointment I am exactly 20 weeks along! I have made it halfway through my pregnancy! I honestly can't believe how quickly it has gone.

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