Friday, August 17, 2012

Hiking with the Cub Scout

Shaun and the other leaders took the cub scouts for a hike on the White Pine Trail up Little Cottonwood Canyon in July and I decided to tag along. It was a fun hike (at least the portion we did... We stopped at the waterfall/river). While we were waiting for the rest of the group to make it to the top the boys were playing in the water and having fun.

While we were waiting I stepped and felt something pop in my left knee! It hurt if I twisted my leg the wrong way, but I made it down the mountain! We decided to wait to have it looked at just to see if it got feeling any better, but by Saturday afternoon after we got home from our ward camp out (which was fun... ) it wasn't doing any better so we decided to go get it looked at. We went to Instacare and the doctor pocked at it and had a couple x-rays taken. The result was I had sprained the tendon in my knee and I got to wear a lovely new fashion accessory for the next 2 weeks... A knee brace! For me!

Our ward Cub Scouts

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