Monday, August 27, 2012

Color Me Mine

In the last month I have been able to go to Color Me Mine twice! I serious love it there! It is so much fun. I love being able to be creative and just have fun.

The first trip we while our friend Sarah and her son Kenny were in town. Along with Sarah and Kenny, the group consisted of Shaun, Michelle (Shaun's Mom), Rachel (Sarah's daughter) and me!

Shaun and I weren't sure what to do, so we decided to do a group project! We ended up making a cookie jar. Shaun worked on the lid and I did the jar portion! It was a lot of fun!

The final product
The second trip was with Michelle. Shaun and Kim (his Dad) went to the Father/Son campout  for our ward, so we made a girls night of it.  This trip I made coasters. There is a technique that you use lace with that I have wanted to try for a while now and I finally did it! I think the coaster turned out great!
A work in progress!
All done!
If you look closely at the last picture you can see that the corner of the coaster is chipped. It was this way when I picked it up and it made me kind of mad. I put a lot of work into the coasters. I called them and told that what I found and they told me that I can bring it in and they will look at it and that I will most like get to repaint my item again!

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