Monday, September 19, 2011

Greek Festival & Utah State Fair

Okay! I am almost up-to-date here! YAY!! I just have to blog about things that we have done thus far this month!

It started out with a trip to the 36th Annual Greek Festival! It is one of my favorite things to go to each year. I always look forward to the yummy food and this year it was no different. The food was so tasty. We tried something new this year and it was AMAZING!! It is called a Spanakopita. It is a spinach and feta cheese wrapped in phyllo dough! My mouth is watering just talking about it! SO GOOD!!! I love trying new things and this is definitely something I don't regret trying! I can't wait until next year!

Now on to the Utah State Fair! It was a lot of fun this year. I ended up winning ticket to see Big and Rich in concert (Gretchen Wilson was supposed to be there too, but she had a death in the family so was unable to be there) on KBULL 93.  We went early enough in the day that we could check things out at the fair and then go to the concert. We ended up spending seven and a half hours at the fair, but it was a weekday (definitely the time to go to the fair) so it wasn't very crowded. We check out the butter cow, all the different animals, all the art exhibits, all the different vendor and the Utah's Own booth. The Utah's Own booth was a lot of fun because there samples from tons of different companies from Utah. We got introduced to some fun products.

The concert was fun. Big and Rich definitely know how to put on a show. We had seventh row seats, but ended up moving closer to the back (luckily it wasn't completely full), because it was so loud up the close! We enjoyed the show much more from the back.

After the concert was over we head back out to the fair to try some deep fried Oreos and a deep fried twinkie. They were both definitely different. I am not sure if I would try them again, but I might try one of the other fun things they had.

Here are some pictures from our fun day at the fair
Giant talking robot
The Royal Wedding party
Baby pig! SO CUTE!!
a geese herder...
It's not everyday you see a kangaroo in Utah
My creation
Shaun creation
Waiting for the concert to start
During the concert
Big and Rich
Cowboy Troy (sorry not a very good picture)
Deep Fried Oreo and Twinkies
Shaun checking out the Twinkies
Me checking out the Oreo

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