Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pi Day 2010

It is (well it was) that time of the year again... Pi Day! We, of course, had a party in celebration. This year Pi Day was on a Sunday so we decided we would celebrate the night before.

 We had a pretty good turn out this year. There were about 20 people that came (a third of those who came were kids). It was a lot of fun. We had The Pie and pie. Everyone who came brought something, which helped out a lot. We had 5 different types of pizza (The Pie's Greek pizza is REALLY good! I had never had it before, but I loved it!), plus yummy cheese stick and about 5 different types of pies (cheesecake, apple, pumpkin, banana cream, and chocolate cream). Everything was really tasty and it was great to be able to just spend time with our friends talking and getting to know each other better. Pi day is never anything really big, but it is still fun to be able to have the party, one that I would have never of had had I not married Shaun.

Another reason I like this time of year is it marks the anniversary of when Shaun and I first met. March 15th  2 years ago is the day that Shaun and I first met in person. I honestly cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. It has been the best two years of my life. I am so glad that things have happen the way that have, because I have never been happier! I look forward to may more Pi day celebrations with Shaun!

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Chelsea said...

Doesn't time just fly. I told Tom that we're going to have to do this next year at our house.