Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meal Planning

Shaun and I have never been really good at planning what to have for dinner or for actually grocery shopping in general, but we have been trying to be better about plan our meals out and then going shopping for the things that we need to complete those meals. We started by making a list of foods we know that we like and then by going  through recipes of things we would like to try making. We plan two weeks at a time and thus far it has been a great things for us. We having been doing this about a month now and it is a lot easier when it comes to dinner time. It is also nice because we are eating out much less (there are those time that making a meal doesn't happen, like the night that my dad got admitted to the hospital and we went to see him) and it is in turn helping us spend way less money.

Each week we have to try at least one new recipe/things we have never personally made that we try. Some of the new things we have tried thus far are Dockside Mexican Hotpot, Meatball Souvlaki, Chicken Enchiladas, Poppy seed Chicken, Corn beef and Cabbage. (I am willing to post recipes if anyone want them) It has been fun to try new foods or things that our parents have made for us that we ourselves have never made. Hopefully we can keep up with this meal planning and that we will get better at it.

Here are a few pictures of the things that we have made:

Meatball Souvlaki

Pork Chop Salad

 Our version of a "Chubby" 
(We made these before we started the meal planning, I just hadn't posted them so I thought I would)

Navajo Tacos


Kyle, Whitney, and Ezra said...

Wow good job! I really need to start doing that! Hope you are doing well!

Chelsea said...

Anytime you find a good a healthy recipe please send them our way!! I love new recipes!