Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Day Weekend

Valentines weekend was a lot of fun this year. We didn't do anything huge, but we got to spend time with each other and both sets of parents.

We decided to go out to eat Friday, instead of Saturday like we originally planned. We were both craving sushi, so we ended up going to Simple Sushi. It was SO SO SO good! They have some of the best sushi I have every had. I would definitely recommend it to you!

Saturday I had to work, so we didn't spend much time together. That night though we did have my parents over for a late dinner and that was a lot of fun. It was nice to be able to spend time with them, something we don't do very often.

On Sunday we went to Shaun's parents house for dinner. The food was yummy, like always. We also got treatments, which always makes us feel better. Body work is awesome!

For V-Day I received an awesome CD from Shaun:

I totally love it! I have listened to it every day. If you haven't listened to Ingrid Michaelson before I would definitely recommend that you check her out. I have two of her albums and I love both of them.

Shaun received the latest Weezer's album from me.

I have listened to a few songs off of the album and I like it.

Anyhow... V-Day was great! Nothing big, but I am okay with that. What is important is that I have a great husband and family to share it with.


CherryandDiet said...

Love Ingrid Michaelson!!

Chelsea said...

Tom and I are excited to try sushi in Japan! We've never really tried it before. It should be fun!