Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

This year Shaun and I were invited by my friend Megan to attend a Super Bowl party at her parents house. Neither one of us are huge sports fans (I will admit that I do like sports more than Shaun does), but we thought it would be fun and it would give us a chance to spend time with our friends. And it was actually really fun. Shaun thinks that this was actually the first Super Bowl that he has watch.

The many thing that I was looked forward to were the commercials. Usually Super Bowl commercials are really funny. Not so much this year.  There were are few Doritos commercials that we thought were pretty funny. They won in my book for the best commercials this years. Here are a few we liked:

You can see all of the Doritos commercials here.  There are some pretty funny commercials.

Another fun things about the party is we guessed who would win the game and what the final score would be. My guess was 33-21 Colts and Shaun did the opposite (21-33 Saints). Well in the end Shaun won. He had the closest score. Towards the end of the game it was said that whoever won gets to hold the party next year. So I guess we will be holding a party at our house next year.

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CherryandDiet said...

That's right! Party at your place next year!!