Monday, February 16, 2009

Primary Update!

Two Sundays ago we received a new primary presidency in our ward. At the beginning of class yesterday the new president came into our class and told us that they were doing some switching up of the classes. (We have a lot of nine year old's in our ward, so we have two classes for them.) They took four of our kids, including the one they has given us so much trouble, and gave us four new kids. We now have a class that consists of two girls and five boys. Class this week went much better and I think they teachers that now have the other kids will be able to handle them much better. One of the new boys, S we will call him, already seems to like Shaun a lot, which is good. I feel a lot better about the class now and actually am looking forward to next week.

We talked to the presidency after sharing time and just thanked them for making they changes. They told us that there had been a lot of praying that had gone into the decision and that we both looked a lot happier. P seemed to be doing a lot better in sharing time, when I looked over at him.

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Michelle said...

Yay! That is so awesome! Sounds like things will be much better for everyone :)