Tuesday, January 31, 2012


December was another busy month, but then again when isn't December busy? Here is what happened:

- I had 2 off-sites for school. They were both pretty fun and very educational.

- Shaun and I were also able to go out to dinner and then to Forgotten Carols with Shaun's parents. I LOVE Forgotten Carols. It is a great show with an awesome message.

-I finished my third term of school (2 to go!!). I got one A- and the rest were A's! I will take it. It fills very good to be able to get good grades and actually LOVE what I am doing!

The big events this month were of course Christmas and New Years Eve! We went to the Annual Wayman Christmas Eve party at my Grandpa's house and then we headed to Shaun's parents house (well Shaun and I did. Zoey got to have a sleep over and my parents house) for the night. We next morning we got up, had breakfast, opened presents and then headed to church. After we were done with church we headed to my parents to spend some time with them. Then I had to go to work... I should have been cancelled before I got there, but it didn't happen. I did get to go home after 2 hours which was nice!

For New Years Eve we had our annual fondue party! I love it! So yummy! It was also fun to be able to hang out with friends and family!

Here are December's pictures:

Sporting some of my Christmas presents (the headphones and shirt)
Zoey enjoying some of her Christmas presents


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