Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Great Food Truck Race

I don't know how many of you watch Food Network, but here we LOVE it! They have a lot of fun shows. One of the show we started watching last year was The Great Food Truck Race. The premise of the show is that food trucks from all around the country compete for $50,000. Each week they are in a different city where they are given a small amount of money to buy food to get them started. They are trying to be the truck to earn the most money each week. The team that earns the least amount goes home. I guess the show was popular enough that they are doing a second season!

So you are probably wondering why I would make a post about this and here is why. Salt Lake was a stop in this year competition. My cousin Jen found out that they were going to be in town and so the three of us went and hit up some of the trucks, with the help of Twitter. We visited 5 out of the 7 trucks and ate at four of them. Our first stop downtown was supposed to be for the Korilla BBQ truck (from NY), but they had already left the spot we had been told they would be, So we headed to the Cafe con Leche truck (from LA), which was parked in front of Rico's. They had some good Cuban food. My only problem with them is they were WAY over priced and they took FOREVER to get food out. While we were waiting for our food we saw they Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese (from Boston) truck drive by. They were heading to Liberty Park so we had Jen go find where they were at and get in line and then Shaun and I headed over there after we finally got our food.

Shaun and Jen waiting for our food

Cafe con Leche Truck
Once we found Jen and the Roxy's truck, Jen and I waited in line while Shaun went to the Hodge Podge truck (from Ohio) to get some of their food. Hodge Podge had paid to be in the "hippie circle" at Liberty Park so it was just a little walk for him. From there we had some really good tater tots covered in truffle oil, a rib sandwich and a really good fruit salad. From Roxy's (which was by far my favorite) We had an amazing grilled cheese with muenster cheese, bacon and avocado (SO tasty!), one with sausage and pepperjack cheese and some lemonade (the only think from their truck that disappointed me).

Roxy's Truck


Hodge Podge's Truck
After we were done at Liberty Park we headed to the 9th and 9th area, where the Seabirds truck (from San Diego) was at. We didn't end up eating anything there, because nothing they had left sounded at all good. So we head up to the Dan's on Foothill to find the Korilla BBQ truck. There we had some tacos that were pretty good and awesome t-shirts (the same ones the guys from the truck are wearing in the picture below). We also had to sign waivers while we were there because they had recorded us and needed to get our permission to use the footage.
Shaun, Jen and I with the guys from the Korilla BBQ Truck

It was an AWESOME way to spend an evening! I am SO glad we went. I can't wait until August when this season comes out! From the trucks that we went to if I had to guess who went home this week of the show it would be Korilla's or Cafe con Leche, but I guess we shall see :)

(The trucks we didn't go to, at least Shaun and I, where Devilicious (from San Diego) and The Lime Truck (from Orange County) )


Jennie said...

I totally watched this show and loved it! How fun that they came to Salt Lake and you guys got to try the food. I'll be looking for you on TV!

Chelsea said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! That cheese sandwich sounded tasty!