Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My 25th Birthday!

On April 19th I turned a quarter of a century old!! Kind of crazy (well at least to me!) It's amazing to me to see how much I have done in live thus far and how much more I still have/want to do! I wouldn't want to take back any of the experiences I have had in my life. I know that everything has happened for a for a reason and that I have grown so much.

I'd have to say that my 25th birthday was a great one, filled with food, friends, family and fun! Celebrations for my birthday started on the 11th at Shaun's parents house. They had us over for a yummy dinner and then Michelle gave us treatments! (THANKS!!!) The following Friday night (the16th) we had friends over for cake and ice cream and games! It was TONS of fun! Shaun made homemade ice cream and a lemon cake with cream cheese frosting! It was SO yummy! It was great to be able to spent time laughing and just having fun with Aaron, Betsy, Brook, Christie, Matt and of course my cute husband! Thanks for coming you guys! I am glad that I got to celebrate my birthday with you!

On my birthday  I went to school and then Shaun took me to lunch. That night we went out to dinner with my parents, my grandma, my Aunt Brenda (who's birthday is on the 18th, so we always celebrate our birthdays together), and Grandpa. We went to the Texas Roadhouse and it was REALLY yummy! And then Shaun and I went and walked around the mall. All in all it was a great day!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! You made my day great!

Oh and I just have to say that I LOVE my primary girls. I knew that they were up to something, but I wasn't quite sure what it was. Last Sunday after church we had a knock on the door and it was Ali, one of my girls, with a plate of cookie and a card signed by all the girls, wishing me a happy birthday! It was SO cute!

Here's a few pictures

The ingredient for the ice cream.... Way fattening, but OH SO YUMMY!!!

My birthday cake
Blowing out the candles

Modeling the present my cousin Jen gave me! 

 The cookies and card from my primary girls

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Melissa said...

What only 2 candles! Where are the other 23 candles? I'm glad that you had a great birthday.