Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Muse Concert

This past Monday (April 5th) Shaun and I went to the Muse concert at the E-Center. Back in January I won tickets to the show from 101.9 The End. I am really glad we got to go to the show. It was awesome. Silversun Pickup were the opening band, but by the time we got there we had missed most of them(*). The Muse part of the show was awesome though. The light show was really cool and the music was great.

Shaun  tells me after the concert that the whole concert he was trying to figure out how the screens they had work. They had three screens that they projected images onto, but sometime they were see through, so it intreged Shaun. It would be my hubby that would be thinking about how it all worked.

Anyhow... Here are some pictures from that show... Not all of them are the best pictures, but it will give you an idea of what the stage/light show was like.

Shaun and I before the show started
The stage before the show stared
The start of the show (guys walking up stairs...)
This is a bad picture, but this shows how the stage was setup.
Three screens with movable podiums under them
The drummer kept turning and would face those that were behind the stage
Cool lights
Before the show started Shaun pointed these out to me up in the rafters... Giant eyeballs....
I kept looking up there because I wants to know what they were for....
...and at the end of the show (at least the end we stayed for) we found out.
They had confetti inside...

* Shaun and I thought that we had left plenty early for the show, but we turned out being completely wrong. We ended up being about 30 minutes late to the show, due to traffic and the crappy setup of the E-Center. In addition to this it started to snow on our way to the show, so we grabbed an umbrella to try shielding us from some of the snow. Well we get to the doors and they are telling everyone that they have to leave the umbrellas outside, so Shaun decided to take ours back to the car so that we didn't take the chance of not getting it back. Needless to say we are not impressed with the E-Center. Shaun doesn't want to another concert there until the trax line is complete.

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