Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Primary Update!

The year is almost over and so is our time being Sunbeam teachers (at least that is what we have been told... We will see...). Each week is a new adventure and some Sundays it's an adventure I'd rather not be on. Logan has very few good days, but those days we love! This last Sunday I wasn't feeling 100% and luckily it was a semi good day for Logan. Unlike 2 weeks before hand when we had to go get his dad because he won't listen and while Shaun was going to get his dad he picked up his chair like he was going to through it at me... Scary.

It amazes me the different levels our kids in the class are. We have Anna, who can draw picture that you can tell what they are, she can write her own name and she can say prayers all by herself. Then there is Logan who can't do any of that. The other kids are somewhere in between.

I really do like being a primary teacher. The kids are just a challenge, but one that is getting us ready for kids, right?

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