Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today is...

The last day of the first year Shaun & I have known each other. Today is also Pi Day! Last year Shaun had a Pi day party at his house. He invited me to go to it, but I chickened out & didn't show up. After he party was over he sent me a text message saying he still wanted to meet me & invited me over for leftover pie the next day. And that was the beginning of us. I can't believe that Shaun & I have known each for a year. It is amazing how time flies by so quickly. This past year has been so great! I love getting to know Shaun more & more each day. I fall more & more in love with him each day too. I love that the way he makes me feel just being near him! Pi day will forever hold a special place in our relationship.

We did have a Pi day party today. It was A LOT of fun! We had yummy pie and The Pie pizza. Then we played some rockband & just talked. Shaun was excited, because we scheduled it so that we could celebrate the first 6 digits of pi (3.14159), but we actually got to celebrate the first 8 (3.1415926). I know.. we are nerds, but it is fun! Plus we got to eat YUMMY pie!

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