Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Trip to the Zoo!!

On February 16th, Shaun and I had to chance to go to the Hogle Zoo with my parents. It was honestly a lot of fun. I really like going to the Zoo in the winter, because there seems to not be as many people and that is always nice. Plus I think some of the animals are more active.

None of us had been to the zoo since they added the Rocky Shores area and I gotta say that I am REALLY impressed with that new area! My favorite part was Rizzo, the polar bear. I could have watched her for hours (I really could have!!) She was swimming all over her enclosure and when she was tired of swimming she would go walk around on the shore. Then she would repeat. She was just really entertaining.

Another thing I enjoyed seeing was the baby giraffe. It was so cute!

After we got done at the zoo we headed to Ruth's Diner for lunch (YUMMY!) and then continued up the canyon for a nice little drive! (The reverse of the drive we took a few weeks earlier)

It was fun getting to spend sometime with my parents! 

Here are just a few pictures (and I really do mean a few. Shaun took over 800 pictures while we were at the zoo)

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