Monday, November 8, 2010

October has come... and gone...

I always say that I am going to stay on top of updating our blog and then a month goes by without an update. I will try working on updating more often, but I make no promise. Anyhow, here is our month of October.

On the 8th, Shaun and  I were about to have a little date night. We were invited by our friends, Christie and Matt, to a Strenghtening Relationship Seminar that was put on by the Sandy Institute. It was a really enjoyable evening. John Bytheway was our speaker and he had some great things to say.
The next day we were able to attend the baptism of Maddie, my cousin Aaron's daughter. I am so proud a Maddie and her decision to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She looked so pretty and you could just see how happy her choice made her.

The following weekend we headed out to Tammy and Andy's house for a Halloween party. It was an evening filled with food and fun.

On the 19th I decided that I would go for a bike ride, because it was a nice day and I didn't know how many more nice days we were going to have. I decided that I wanted to ride to Liberty Park. Everything was going great! I wasn't tired and I was looking forward to my return trip until I crash. I was trying to pass a lady and went on to the grass and the return to the sidewalk didn't go well. My bike didn't make it back to the sidewalk, at least not upright... Needless to say I ended up calling Shaun because there was no way I was going to make it home on my bike. He ended up taking me to Instacare, where they took some x-rays and found the I had fractured my pinky. They put me in a splint and send me home with a number to call a hand specialist (more about that appointment to come).

On the 20th My sweet Grandma Nina passed away. I will do another blog entry about that.

That Friday I headed to Time Out for Women in Las Vegas with my friends Christie and Brook.  On the way down we stopped at Cove Fort and the cheese factory in Beaver. Once we got to Vegas we meet up with five of Christie's aunts, her mom and her Grandma. That night we went to the opening portion of TOFW and then spent sometime talking. Saturday we headed back to the next session and then spent the evening with Christie's brother and then went back to the hotel played games and talked. The whole weekend was a lot of fun and way very spiritually uplifting. It was a lot of fun getting to know Christie's family.

The 25th was my Grandma's funeral.

I had an appointment with the Hand surgeon on the 26th. After over an hour of waiting we were taken back to the room. I was taken to get some more x-ray's. This time it was of my elbow, because it had been bothering me. The PA come in and starting pocking and prodding my arm and hand. After causing me some pain and discomfort they looked at my x-ray's. They easily identified my fractured pinky and decided that they are pretty sure I also fracture my scaphoid and my radial head. I now have a removable brace that I get to to wear for 3 weeks, when I go back for a follow up and more x-ray's.

Also that night the counselors from our new bishopric came to pay us a visit. While here they extended a calling to us (we had officially been in the ward 10 days!). Shaun and I will be serving as Cub Scout leaders. We are excited. It is definitely something new for both of us.

The 29th we had our second annual Pumpkin Carvenival. We didn't have a huge turn out, but it was still fun. We ate yummy food and carved pumpkins. It is always nice getting to spend time with friends!

Well I think that about covers October :)

Picture time!
Brook, Christie and I on our way to Vegas
Brook, Our tour guide and I in front of Cove Fort
Helen (Christie's Mom), Christie, Me and Brook at Time Out for Women

Brook's pumpkin wasn't feeling well
Courtney, Shaun, Brook, Matt and Christie's Pumpkins
I LOVE Christie's Pumpkin! So cute!

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