Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sugarland Concert

I just have to say that I really enjoy Girls Nights out! It is fun to get to spend time with just the girls. Well for this Girls Night out we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and then to see Sugarland in concert. They put on an AWESOME show! It was TONS of fun!

Danny Gokey and Julianne Hough opened up the show. They were both okay, but not great... Julianne Hough's portion of the show was all about dancing on the stage half dressed. She kept dancing with poles... I was worried she was going to start taking off what little she had on...

The Sugarland portion of the show was great! The stage was awesome, the light show was awesome, the music was awesome! Everything about the show was AWESOME! Plus I got to spend time with two great friends! One thing that really impressed me about Sugarland is they gave a autographed guitar away to a young girl in the audience. I thought that was awesome. That girl is forever going to remember that!

Anyhow here some picture :)

Megan, Me and Betsy
It got really bright where we were sitting so Betsy put her sunglasses on :)
The awesome stage
Jennifer Nettles
Kristian Bush
Kristian delivering the guitar

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Chelsea said...

Looks like a fun time! I also like Sugarland!